Buffalo Grove Fire Department Fundraising for Project Fire Buddies

The Firefighters Association organizes, hosts, and participates in various fundraising events during the year. All donations brought in are wholly contributed to the Association’s general fund with the occasional specific event that might be earmarked for a unique donation. Regardless of the occasion, all donations made to the Chelan Firefighters Association are taken in gratitude and appreciation and are received with the intent of directly supporting our community. If you are able to sell a lot of a product to more people for less money, then you will be able to reach your fundraising goals with minimal effort by selling a large quantity.
In addition, it will serve as an Emergency Center and Shelter when our community faces major emergencies such as large wildfires, floods, or other disasters. This is a major Capital Improvement Investment for your community. The Annual Beer and Brats at the Apple Canyon Lake Fire Station (Scales Mound Fire Station 3). Come to your Apple Canyon Lake firehouse for beer and bratwurst. Eat great food, have some fun, and support your local firefighters.
To raise additional funds, your department can sell tee shirts or children’s calendars at the event. Create a hashtag for the fundraiser so families can share their photos from the event on social media. A 50/50 raffle may be better if your fire department hosts a significant fundraising event. During a 50/50 raffle, participants purchase tickets to enter the raffle.
The Flower Bulbs are GUARANTEED TO GROW and if for some reason one doesn’t grow we will send a replacement to your supporter who had the problem. 3 to 4 individual bingo games, which typically lasts around one hour. ½ hour refreshment, food and raffle time (if a raffle is held)
Final 3 games, which can last anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. When Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas of the bingo machine calls off a number featured on the players card, the player marks the number on their card off. The first person to mark off all numbers within their card calls out “Bingo! Of course, there are many different variations of this game, but the aforementioned is the traditional way to play.
Due to our fundraising efforts at the 2015 Firelight Gala, the Auxiliary was awarded a Red Cross Home Town Heroes Award of which we are all very proud and humbled. The Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund was organized in 1989 by firefighters concerned about children at the N.C. More than 35% of all burn injuries and deaths are to children.
Are you looking for volunteer fire department fundraising ideas? In a “Fill the Boot” fundraiser, a few volunteers stand at a designated location and ask for donations. A place that gets a lot of foot traffic is perfect for this type of fundraising. Give community members a chance to experience the thrill and importance of being a firefighter while raising funds for your fire department with a Hero-for-a-Day Raffle.