Church Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work church fundraisers ideas

Attention, fundraising heroes! Prepare to unleash the power of success as we embark on a thrilling quest to revolutionize your church fundraising game.

Picture this: a world where lackluster ideas are banished, and only the tried-and-tested gems remain to guide you toward victory. It’s time to break free from the mundane and embrace a new era of fundraising greatness with fundraisers that actually work.

We’ve scoured the realms of fundraising wisdom, separating the wheat from the chaff, to present you with an arsenal of battle-tested fundraising ideas for churches that will have you shouting “Hallelujah!” church fundraisers ideas

1. A Pledge Campaign Will Raise Money for Your Church

A pledge campaign could become your fundraising secret weapon. If you have an annual meeting or another similar church service every year, this is the best time to launch a pledge drive to help your church reach its fundraising goals.

Church members commit to support your church by donating a certain amount over the course of your campaign. Most pledge-based fundraising campaigns stretch over the course of an entire year, but you can set any period of time that works best for you.

Read our “3 Pledge Drives Your Church Should Do” post for more ways you can use this fundraiser at your church.

2. Fundraiser Dinner = Great Fundraising Potential

Dinner fundraisers are an easy church fundraising option. Why easy? Because if you cook it, they will come! Fundraiser meals are often the most tried and true method of raising money for any cause. Everyone needs to eat! Offer good food at a reasonable price and you’ll never have a shortage of patrons.

When I was in Youth Group, our church hosted a dinner every Wednesday evening before service. We charged $10 per person and the proceeds went to the youth group. Because it was for us, the kids in the youth program cooked, served, and cleaned.

Mission Trip Fundraising

If your church is sending members on a mission trip this year, consider hosting a themed dinner featuring common foods and dishes of the country the members will be serving in. This could be a great way to get everyone excited about the trip and help raise more funds for the team to spread the Gospel!

What About Breakfast?

Who doesn’t love a stack of warm flapjacks?

Instead of hosting a dinner, host a breakfast! You may be surprised how many more people come for coffee, bacon, and pancakes than pizza and a side salad. Host it before Sunday service and have your members invite their friends and neighbors.

3. Recurring Online Giving for Virtual Fundraising

As more and more donors prefer to donate electronically, online giving is a must for churches. And donors are overwhelmingly preferring a recurring giving option. A recent study by Non-Profit Tech for Good found that 57% of donors in North America are enrolled in a recurring giving program. That’s a lot!

Recurring donations are the simplest way to increase donations at your church. In fact, out of all the ideas in this list, this one gives your church the most steady income stream. Donors like being able to budget their financial support to better steward their own resources.

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4. Walk-a-Thon For Easy Church Fundraising

Members can walk around the church building, along the road, or around downtown and raise money through sponsors that agree to donate an amount per mile. Members can get some exercise and fresh air while raising money for your church all at once!

It’s also a great way to advertise for a cause. This church in Kissimmee, FL uses its walkathon as an opportunity to raise awareness and keep kids off the street.

5. Work-a-Thon – Take Fundraising Efforts Further

No, I didn’t type the same thing twice. For this fundraiser, instead of walking, participants will be WORKING.

This is an opportunity for your church to make your area a better place. Members can do yard work, pick up trash along the roads, or other similar odd jobs to benefit the people in your town or neighborhood. Funds are raised either by charging homeowners a low fee per yard they clean or sponsors can support them on a per-yard or per-mile cleaned basis.